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GRASSROOTS  SG is the premier field and campaign organizing firm.


In this era of confusing news and media messages, the ability to reach down to the grassroots at the neighborhood level and deliver a carefully crafted message is extremely important.  Advocacy, outreach and electoral campaigns need the added benefit of field to reach people who have busy lives.  Our education, field & outreach programs can help explain, persuade and motivate people to get engaged.


GRASSROOTS  SG creates professional field & outreach programs that identify, persuade, and mobilize in the most cost-effective manner possible. Modern techniques such as strategic targeting, leveraging the latest technology, identifying influential community members and developing volunteers are fundamental tools that help campaigns maximize the votes they need.


We are experts at all parts of campaigning and are here to help you win. Whether you need help with messaging, organizing, or operations, Grassroots SG has a solution for you. 

General Campaign Consulting

We have run field programs for large and small campaigns throughout the country. We can assist you in all aspects of your field program, including planning and budgeting, petition collection, paid canvas recruitment, quality control, and payroll. 

Field Programs

Winning campaigns communicate and engage with the grassroots and grass tops. We'll help you identify and communicate with each group to help you win. 

Grasstops & Grassroots Engagement

Our Campaign Camp Training Program established many of the industry's best practices for successful campaigning. State parties, labor unions, and issue groups turn to us for efficiently and efficiently building capacity. 

Campaign Camp Training Programs

Campaign events and rallies are hard to pull off. Turn to Grassroots SG to plan and recruit for your next event or rally. 

Event Planning & Recruitment

The best campaigns monitor and analyze their results to win. Working with our Data Analysis team, we'll help guide your campaign with targeting and strategic planning. Additionally, after the election, you will get a complete post-election evaluation to determine the effectiveness of your campaign. 

Data and Analytics

Getting on the ballot can be very difficult and we have successfully completed ballot access programs in multiple states for three Presidential and many statewide campaigns. With a network of paid petition lead staff and a system that encourages volunteers to engage with signature collection, we strive to provide a clear plan of the throughout the ballot access process. 

Ballot Access Programs

Campaign Camp
General Campaign Consulting
Ballot Access
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